One solution is to start
dealing with our waste

For a long time, human needs were at the center of architects’ work, without considering the well-being of our planet, overstretching all its resources. It has been acknowledged that human-centered architecture isn't going according to plan and that it's urgent to start designing people's needs without overstepping the limits of our planet!

What’s our solution?

As architects, we have always been committed to bringing sustainability into our practice. However, we could not continue seeking sustainable buildings if at the very beginning of the construction process, during demolition, we were not being sustainable at all by letting our waste go all the way to landfills. We had to find an alternative to landfills.

We are building a movement and material called Matterpieces, offering an efficient and effective circular strategy that unites different entities to provide a noble destination for inert demolition waste. How? By incorporating it into high-quality cladding materials, architecture becomes a more circular and beautiful industry!