What is Matterpieces?
Our available textures

Matterpieces is a movement for construction circularity and the next generation of funky waste-based materials for your interior design project!

And why Matterpieces?
Because each material is a species, it is unique!

Matterpieces are high-end cladding materials made out of inert demolition waste like glass, bricks, cement, stones, etc. minimizing the consumption of finite raw materials in architecture, diverting waste away from landfills, and reducing CO2 emissions by applying the circular economy principles. The product applications developed are wide as indoor floor panels, wall coverings, furniture tops, and countertops.

How can waste-based materials be beautiful?
Trash upcycling doesn’t have to be trashy!

We developed a beautiful waste-based cladding material that can transform aesthetically places and compete with the existing market! We do plenty of design experiments and we like to adopt the concept of OBSERVE – LEARN – CREATE! We create aesthetically compelling textures by being inspired daily by other cultures, natural textures, and landscapes.

Which type of species are you?
Take a look at our available textures!